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Power BI Desktop May Update

Microsoft released the May update for Power BI Desktop today.  See  for details. The date slicer has been enhanced to support relative dates, such as Last 3 years, in addition to absolute dates.  It is very flexible allowing you the choice of days, weeks, months and years.  Weeks, months, and years also have the Calendar options which indicates to exclude the current period and only included completed periods.  This feature is in preview so you will need to enable it using File > Options and settings > Options > Preview Features > Relative date slicer.  See this video to learn more. Another nice feature now in preview is the new table visual.  This lets you setup word wrapping for a table's header and data, letting you make better use of screen real estate.  For example, see the screenshot below or go to Power BI Gurus College Finder to see it live.     The new table also suppo